The Mad King Calls

Happy Halloween from Project Tyria! As you can see, the page is all decorated and on top of that, I'll be putting out screenshots comparing GW1 and GW2 Halloween events all week long. Yes, I will be taking the screenshots as they happen, so even if you can't participate in one or the other, you can see a little bit of each one on the site.

And while you're caught up in the GW2 Halloween even, don't forget about the first game as well, okay? (If you have both!)
Here's a couple to start your Halloween week off!

Candy Corn
It wouldn't be Halloween without it!

You'll have to view the image larger to see the moon in the GW2 side.

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  1. I didnt make it into Guild Wars 2 yet since they have released the new Halloween Content (Mad King Calls).

    While looking at those pictures you have shot i seriously have to log-in and take a look today. They look fantastic and iam excited to check out every new addition that they've made to the Game.